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While you can freely rename these folders in the Finder, you may get unexpected results from certain programs if you do so. Inside the en. Now drag and drop the SystemFolderLocalizations.

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If you have the Developer Tools installed, you can double-click the file, and Xcode will open. Behind the scenes, Mac OS X maintains a list of the original names of certain folders on the left side of the equals sign in each row , along with the names you actually see in the Finder on the right side. To rename any given folder, then, all you do is type a new name on the right-hand-side of the entry for the desired folder.

Where Do You Find CoreServices?

Do not change any entries on the left side of a row—bad things will probably happen if you do! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Safely rename 'reserved' system folders | Macworld

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This tool needs to be executed from the Recovery OS. A new Finder window displays the contents of the QuartzDisplay. You can also click once on the QuartzDisplay. Now what you need to do is create a copy of the BootPanel. However, in order to make a copy of the BootPanel. This will take a couple of extra steps.

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  8. To make a copy, Option-click on the BootPanel. Let go of the mouse button. Type in your password and hit Return.

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    Launch Safari by either clicking on its icon in the Dock or double-clicking its icon in the Finder. Drag the new file into the Finder window and drop it in the same location as the existing BootPanel. As you drag the new Boot Panel, the cursor becomes a white circle with a slash through it. When you release the mouse button, the window shown in Figure appears.

    Modding Mac OS X by Erica Sadun

    It tells you that the Resources folder could not be modified. Notice the Authenticate button in that window.

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    4. When you click on the Authenticate button, another window appears as shown in Figure , asking you if you want to replace the BootPanel. Click on the Replace button, and then authenticate yourself with an admin password, as shown in Figure You created a copy of the original BootPanel. If you need to, you can follow the steps for getting to the Resources folder from the previous section.