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Easy beat matching and mp3 dj mixing software for windows [ And no extra hardware or virtual drive needed. Cutedj is the most powerful dj mxing software for windows [ Auto beat mixing harmonic mixing video mixing vinyl simulation vst effects itunes integration external hardware controllers supported midi learn and more : With professional mix and scratch engine you can mix your tracks traditionally as well combine and loops in a non linear way using it as a powerful live remixing tool [ Logiciel Mac.

Download Virtual DJ Latest version Type your search here:. Downloads Magazine Windows Files.

Virtual DJ Latest version If you want to let your creative side go wild and mix and edit music like the pros, then Virtual DJ is for you. This versatile program is packed with exciting features that allows you to play several tracks at the same time, experiment with their tempo, set cues, and mix in effects to make your tracks even better. It includes a vinyl emulator, which enables users to scratch a virtual old-fashioned turntable. It offers a sampler that plays an unlimited number of samples, and it also helps you organize your tracks. You can even use it for karaoke!

Lastly, it gives you the ability to broadcast your mixes online, and with its handy plug-and-play feature which is compatible with almost every DJ controller live performances are just a few beats away.

Virtual DJ

It provides users with a large number of useful features, and is particularly popular with professional DJs. Amongst the features included are video and audio mixing, video and audio editing, scratching, and vinyl emulation. The latter enables users to manipulate the playback of digital audio files in virtual turntables, as if they were recorded in vinyl.


With this ultra-versatile program, users can play with the speed of their tracks, crossfade like a professional from one song to another, add effects, and much more. You can also do karaoke. This software also enables for access to music and video through a subscription service and it allows users to broadcast their work online either through a link that streams it or through web radio.

Serato DJ Intro 1.3.0 (Legacy)

It includes MusicGroups, a feature that collects track histories, creates track lists and makes suggestions, all based on what users of Virtual DJ are doing around the world. Software similar to Virtual DJ:.

VirtualDJ Home Free

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