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Using the Apple iPad/iPhone Configuration Utility for VPN

Privileged Remote Access. Password Safe.

Privileged Identity. AD Bridge. Privilege Management. For more information, please see iOS Configuration Profiles. Otherwise, profile downloads will occur over unencrypted HTTP connections.

To administer Apple iOS settings, you must use an admin account. For a representative to give customers access to private configuration profiles, they must have the account permission Allowed to generate access keys for sending iOS profiles. Create a unique name to help identify this profile. This iOS configuration profile name should help the user select the right profile when browsing your support portal. Note that the underlying Apple iOS Profile must be altered to change the contents of the iOS device profiles you wish to distribute to iOS device users.

Check the Public checkbox to make the profile appear in a list visible to any iOS user that browses your public portal. Note that the iOS users will not see a traditional representative list or issue submission dialog when browsing the public portal.

Apple iOS: Add Apple Configuration Profiles

Leaving the Public checkbox unchecked allows you to restrict access to the iOS Profile you created. To download private profile content, users must enter an access key you generate in the representative console. If this option is checked, customers on iOS devices will see a link to the iOS configuration profiles portal when they access the public site. This page displays any public profiles you have available, and it provides a text entry box where customers can submit an access key their representative has provided, directing the customers to a private configuration profile.

Customize the title of the iOS portal page. You can localize this text for any languages you have enabled. Next I have to get it to my iPhone.


The easiest way for me to get it on my iPhone is to email the profile to myself so I can install it. This should open up a new email message and attach the profile file to it, ready to email to myself.

Send the email and look for it in your email on your iPhone. When I check my email on my iPhone I see the profile as an attachment, I touch to begin the install of my newly created profile. I get a notification that the profile is unverified and do I want to continue. Note you will be prompted for your PIN number if enabled.

It connects!

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You should see a little blue icon on the menu bar showing that it is connected.