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A trimmed-down version called MiniStumbler is available for the handheld Windows CE operating system. The program is commonly used for: Wardriving Verifying network configurations Finding locations with poor coverage in a WLAN Detecting causes of wireless interference Detecting unauthorized "rogue" access points Aiming directional antennas for long-haul WLAN links No updated version has been developed since Fluff Busting Purity, or FB Purity for short previously known as Facebook Purity is a web browser extension designed to customize the Facebook website's user interface and add extra functionality.

In April, Facebook blocked links to his site, with an error message saying the site was "spammy or abusive", a generic error message given for any site that they deem to have violated their terms and conditions for any reason. In response to this perceiv. Messenger protocol. It enabled users to chat with each other over the global Yahoo!

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The last version, ChitChat 1. History ChitChat was an offshoot of "miChat!

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Chat program for Macintosh computers written by J. In late , Seth publicly asked for other REALbasic programmers to join the project, in the hope that it would spawn a number of competing Yahoo! Chat clients and enrich the Macintosh experience. A programmer by the name of Tomis Erwin responded to this query. After collaborating on several features, Seth encouraged him to take free rein in creating his own client from the miChat code base. The new program, dubbed "ChitChat", went. Blobby Volley is a free and open-source sports computer game series in which two blobbed shaped entities play volleyball against each other.

There are multiplayer and also single player game modes. Unlike real volleyball, the movements of the players are limited to the two-dimensional space of the screen. The borders of the screen acts as an invisible wall which the ball bounces off, which is completely legal to use. Since there is only one player on each side of the field, it is permitted unlike standard volleyball for the player to touch the ball several times in a row.

The protagonists, blob like creatures without arms, can move left and right, jump and interacting with the ball by hitting it with their "head", therefore resembling a Header like gameplay. The game ends when one of the two players reach 15 or more points and also there is a two-point lead over the other. Points m.

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The following is a comparison of RSS feed aggregators. Often e-mail programs and web browsers have the ability to display RSS feeds. They are listed here, too. With the rise of Cloud computing, some cloud based services offer feed aggregation. They are listed here as well. Release history Systems listed on a light purple background are no longer in active development. Once logged in, the user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users through public message boards and sometimes via direct chatting.

In the early s, message networks such as FidoNet sprung up to provide services such as NetMail, which is similar to email. Many BBSes also offer online games in which users can compete with each other. BBSes with multiple phone lines often provide chat rooms, allowing users to interact with each other. Bulletin board systems were in many ways a precursor to the modern form of the World Wide Web, social networks, and other aspects of the Internet. Low-cost, high-performance modems drove the use of online services and BBSes through the early s.

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InfoWorld estimated that there were 60,. Creative Commons Public Domain Mark, indicates works that are in the public domain Public-domain software is software that has been placed in the public domain: in other words, there is absolutely no ownership such as copyright, trademark, or patent. Software in the public domain can be modified, distributed, or sold even without any attribution by anyone; this is unlike the common case of software under exclusive copyright, where software licenses grant limited usage rights.

Under the Berne Convention, which most countries have signed, an author automatically obtains the exclusive copyright to anything they have written, and local law may similarly grant copyright, patent, or trademark rights by default. The Berne Convention also covers programs. Therefore, a program is automatically subject to a copyright, and if it is to be placed in the public domain, the author must explicitly disclaim the copyright and other rights on it in some way, e.

This is a list of notable bulletin board system BBS software packages.

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Any computer that can run Node. Written by Bryan Ashby. Wintermute Engine WME is a set of software tools and a runtime interpreter game engine primarily designed for creating and running graphical adventure games. The name "Wintermute" is a reference to William Gibson's Neuromancer book. The first public beta version was released on January 12, The engine was developed with several updates released every year, though irregularly due to the small development team.

Features The game engine provides most of the features necessary for creating classic 2D graphical adventure games. Although originally built as a 2D graphics engine, with a built-in script interpreter for implementing game logic, the Wintermute Engine provides support f. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to software: Software — collection of computer programs and related data that provides the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it. Software refers to one or more computer programs and data held in the storage of the computer for some purposes.

In other words, software is a set of programs, procedures, algorithms and its documentation concerned with the operation of a data processing system. The term was coined to contrast to the old term hardware meaning physical devices. In contrast to hardware, software "cannot be touched". Sometimes the term includes data that has not traditionally been associated with computers, such as film, tapes, and records. Software can be described as all of the following: Technology Computer technology Tools Types of software Application softw.

Some podcatchers can also automate the transfer of received audio files to a portable media player. Although many include a directory of high-profile podcasts, they generally allow users to manually subscribe directly to a feed by providing the URL. The core concepts had been developing since , the first commercial podcast client software was developed in ,[4] and podcasting became popular in The project is solely developed by Campbell Wild. The toolkit consists of two programs; a generator used to write games , and a runner used to play them , though the runner is available to download separately.

29. November 2013

In the current stable release version 4. The generator is shareware adventures over a certain size cannot be saved until a registration fee of Older freeware versions of the program can also be downloaded on the website. However, version 5 is now donationware, enabling full functionality of the software without requiring payment.

The runner program is also able to run on Linux using the Mono project. A Mac version is ex. Surespot is an open-source instant messaging application for Android and iOS. Surespot is one of the modern messaging apps that has a focus on privacy and security. It has received points for havi. Pay what you want or PWYW, also referred to as "Value-for-Value model" [1][2] is a pricing strategy where buyers pay their desired amount for a given commodity, sometimes including zero. The buyer can also select an amount higher than the standard price for the commodity. PWYW is a buyer-centered form of participatory pricing, also referred to as co-pricing as an aspect of the co-creation of value.

Motivation Giving buyers the freedom to pay what they want can be very successful in some situations, because it eliminates many disadvantages of conventional pricing. Buyers are attracted by permission to pay whatever they want, for reasons that include eliminating fear of whether a product is worth a given set price and the related ris.

The following tables compare file verification software that typically use checksums to confirm the integrity or authenticity of a file. Passage is a experimental video game developed by Jason Rohrer. Since its release it has become a significant entry in the burgeoning debate of video games as an art form. Rohrer has described the title as a "memento mori" game. There are no instructions.

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The environment is a two-dimensional maze with treasure chests scattered throughout, some in relatively hard to reach places. Points are earned for collecting these chests. After a short time, the player will encounter a female character who will marry the protagonist if touched; this choice, however, will increase the diffi. SimSig is a mixed donationware[1] and commercial Windows-based train simulator of modern railway signalling systems in Great Britain, from the point of view of a railway signaller.

It simulates overlaps, approach locking, time-of-operation point locking, shunt routes, warner routes,[4] call-on routes, and more. This is a selected list of freeware video games implemented as traditional executable files that must be downloaded and installed.

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Freeware games are games that are released as freeware and can be downloaded and played, free of charge, for an unlimited amount of time. This list does not include: Open source games see List of open-source video games. Games that were previously sold commercially see List of commercial video games released as freeware. Shareware or Free-to-play games that require purchase for play time, game items, new content or features. Browser games alias browser-based games. Mods: software that cannot be played as stand-alone game.

Alien Swarm is a free top down shooter from Valve used to test the Source beta.

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America's Army is the official United States Army game. The control keys are displayed in options and you can change these to what you want but I still had problems changing my opponent. I decided to try and play a network game but no servers could be found. Although the 'Scan for servers' option is clearly visible in 'Network Game', clicking on it got me nowhere and eventually, Blobby Volley simply froze and crashed. You can also Host a game yourself, although this also proved unresponsive when clicked-on.

Blobby Volley 2 is a fun game and is extremely easy to play but the developer could have done a better job at helping users configure the game. What do you think about Blobby Volley 2? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Games Sports Blobby Volley 2 Beach volleyball but with blobs Just when you thought there was nowhere to go for sports game developers, along comes Blobby Volley 2. The piece inspired countless follow-up articles from other voices in the community, many echoing the same sentiment. In February , 9to5Mac reported that Apple was planning a focus on stability and performance in iOS 9 — a story that sounds very familiar to the recent reports about iOS Comparisons to Snow Leopard were once again drawn.

Over the past two years, the legend of Snow Leopard has steadily grown, its mythology spreading with every new discussion about Apple software. Snow Leopard has now reached meme status, the punchline of jokes on Twitter :. The myth of Snow Leopard is bigger than life, a cultural reference rooted in nostalgia. OS X Lion succeeded However, a kernel of truth persists underneath the mythology. Improvements to iOS and macOS, no matter how small, contribute to a better experience for everyone.

Fixing bugs might not be as marketable as shiny new Animoji or a fresh design, but maintenance can only be deferred so long. If Apple can knock stability out of the park in , maybe the legend of Snow Leopard can finally be put to rest.