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No Prior Barcode Knowledge Required. All you need to know is what number you want to make into a barcode. It helps to know the type, but this is not essential as we can help you there just email our barcode experts. Creating barcodes with our barcode software is simple, it's just 2 steps, see below just to see how easy. Enter Your Barcode Data. Export Your Barcode Image. Full Barcode Size and Scale Controls. It also provides full control over height and bar width reduction in microns to allow for ink spread during the professional print process.

Even Grip is supported for printing onto metal such as cans.

Mac Barcode Generator

A full set of other options can be customised with a click. If you just want to print labels to a label printer please click here for details of Labeller our label design software. You guys are amazing I am so impressed!! I was expecting to have to putz around for a few days to get everything working.

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This is one of the most satisfying product solutions I have experienced in my lifetime. Exclusive Barcode is the most comprehensive barcode software available today. It has more control over the barcodes than any other software.

Exclusive Accurate to 0. We use our own barcode creation libraries to make sure your codes are perfect every time. Exclusive Easily change width, height in mm, inches or SC sizes. Change your BWR in microns Other software has limits to sizing or no sizing at all. Barcode supports colour libraries and spot colours, even custom spot colours.

No other barcoding software for Mac or Windows has this facility. Exclusive Save Custom Code Types. If you have modified the settings on a code type for a particular customer our barcode software can save these settings in a special menu for recall later.

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Exclusive Drop And Check. Drag and drop a barcode eps made with Barcode X onto the application icon to either make a new one or check the settings such as BWR, Height and Scale, ideal in a repro environment where mistakes can be very costly. Exclusive Automatic GS1 Generation. Barcode X is the only barcode software on the market that automatically makes GS1 EAN-UCC barcodes without a special editor, simply enter the code as it would appear underneath the barcode and click OK, the application id's are automatically interpreted and the correct format output in the barcode.

Barcode X is the only barcode software on the market that automatically makes GS1 Datamatrix barcodes without a special editor, simply enter the code as it would appear underneath the barcode and click OK, the application id's are automatically interpreted and the correct format output in the barcode. Barcode X has a special wizard to allow the easy creation of DataBar Coupon codes, the wizard covers all the fields that can be encoded into a databar coupon, so all you need to do is fill in the boxes and click create.

You can change the look of the barcodes easily, with full control over fonts, boxes, light margins, insets and many other options. No other software has all the options you may need. Barcode has a built in verifier for eps files that can check the measurement in the file and make sure they are scannable.

No other software has this facility.

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  8. If we haven't got the answer no one has. Barcode has support for over different types of barcode, you can even save your own custom code layouts to a special menu. Q How easy is it to use? Simply choose a barcode type from the menu at the top of the window, type your barcode data into the 'Main Code' box and click OK. Q What graphics formats can I output?

    These formats can be used in pre-press and design software to ensure accurate correct barcodes are included in your artwork. Q Can I import numbers from somewhere else ie Excel? Yes you can import barcode data from csv files to create a large number of barcodes in one go. Q Can I make Serial Numbers? Use the built in wizards to automatically create a serial block of barcode numbers with one click. Q I make barcodes for Marks and Spencer can I do this? We support all the special Marks and Spencer codes types and also special types form other retailers too.

    Q What if I don't see the barcode type I need? Email us and we will let you know how to make it. Anyway, love to see this information on barcodes being shared. Hi Grant, year old technology huh?

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    Just goes to show … the tried and true has lots of utility. Hey thanks for sharing. We use barcode scanning a lot. I have used OCR for barcode scanners, they even have wireless barcode scanning capabilities. Overall great quality, and based in Canada where I am from. Cheers, Ron. The barcode generator is definitely convenient for people who have business enterprises. Add to that it can be done online is a bonus. Thanks for this great article. Is this exclusive for some phone models? While this is a great opportunity to offer discounts and freebies, I think that it still an extra step in a used-to-be-simple money transaction.

    They are mainly used for marketing purposes to have someone quickly take an action by scanning. There may be free online solutions but many are font based or bitmap images. Very good combination of barcode making tools. Both are great tools but for different target groups. Wasp is more industrial and mass produce barcode generator software for Windows not sure about Mac , Barcodesinc and other similar barcode generators such as autoidsavings.

    Just share my 2c. Pingback: 10 Barcode Generators for Managing Inventory Pingback: 12 Impactful Small Business Articles in Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Powered by. Barcodes Inc They sell a range of barcoding equipment and label makers, but also offer barcode and QR code generators online. Zint Barcode Generator The generator is hosted at SourceForge and is highly rated and only available as downloaded software. Smartphone Ready QR Codes for Marketing For those who want to create smartphone-ready QR codes for marketing and sales purposes, the three online generators below are solid.

    Kaywa Kaywa is a free online QR code generator. Bonus: A Book on Barcodes Matt Kostanecki, marketing guy at inFlow Inventory software, wrote an excellent, detailed book on the topic of barcodes. Ivan Widjaya - Noobpreneur. Matt inFlow Inventory Software June 12, at pm. Bob March 25, at pm.

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    Grant Wickes gwickes June 12, at pm. Anita Campbell June 12, at pm. Ron July 4, at am. L More August 14, at pm. M G August 20, at pm. Christine August 27, at pm. Aira Bongco September 4, at pm. Matt September 5, at pm. Rob Freeland February 17, at am. Vasu May 14, at pm. James Hao December 1, at pm. Sarah November 13, at pm.