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On the Design tab, click the arrow under Variants , point to Colors , and then click the name of the theme color you created. Click a color that you want to change, and then click Change Color. In the Name box, type a name for your custom theme color, and then click Apply to All. On the Themes tab, under Theme Options , click Colors , and then click the theme color that you created. See also Customize and save a theme in PowerPoint for Mac. Create a new theme color On the Design tab, click the arrow under Variants , and point to Colors.

Click Customize Colors. Click a new color in the Colors dialog box. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each color you want to change. Close the Colors dialog box. The theme color is applied to the current presentation. Apply your new theme color to a new document On the Design tab, click the arrow under Variants , point to Colors , and then click the name of the theme color you created. Click a color that you want, and then click OK. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each color that you want to change.

Apply your new theme color to a new document On the Themes tab, under Theme Options , click Colors , and then click the theme color that you created. Expand your Office skills. Why did your simple font theme code fail? Was it the missing Name variable? The missing Panose variable? The missing list of foreign scripts? Postscript: As a related problem, my Powerpoint application will not respond to menu commands to Customize or Format Theme Colors.

Where are Recent Colors Stored?

If you try this with an XML file from the Word application package, it fails. There are some differences in the code between the two that probably accounts for this. Do you know whether or not Microsoft intends to fix these broken features in Office for Mac? Invariably, when a font theme file doesn't display in an Office program, it's because there is a mistake in the XML.

Your workaround is a perfectly good alternative method, since all you have to edit are the font names.

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If you can email the file to me at production at brandwares dot com, I'll tell you what the problem was. As for PowerPoint not reacting to the Customize Colors You can get help with that issue here: Microsoft Answers. After you create a color theme file that works in PowerPoint, you can apply the same color theme in Word by selecting the Design tab, clicking on Colors and selecting the custom theme file. I really recommend using BBEdit to avoid having to unzip and rezip the files.

Only one of them works in Word though.

Design an original template

Any thoughts about why? They're open type fonts I can access on the font menu in Word. The one that works is Georgia and Verdana. The one that doesn't is Rooney Pro and RooneySans. What are the symptoms of the font theme "not working"? Does the theme not show in the list of available font themes? Or does the font not switch to Rooney when you select that theme?

Or something else? The theme is available to select, but the font doesn't display. The fonts to change when I chose the theme, but not to Rooney. Those are the symptoms of a font that Microsoft Word sees as not being installed. If you're using a Mac, trying running the Font Book application and verify the Rooney fonts. The built-in themes do the same thing.

Office is still working the same as when I wrote the article. Your trick will work for any font weight that is in it's own family. Calibri is one family and Calibri Light is another, so you can spec Calibri Light in a theme. This trick wouldn't work with Calibri Bold, where you can only spec the base font of Calibri. This is because Calibri Bold in in the Calibri family. Click on the Font dropdown or Latin text font dropdown, if you have multiple languages installed. As the article mentions in paragraph 5, the name you can use is the name that appears in PowerPoint's font menu.

Calibri Bold does not appear there, so you can't use it. Your text, as posted here, is using "smart quotes" on an angle. Change them to straight quotes, which are the only kind that Office programs recognize. Here is the code I have just created for a new XML file. I have tried to strip out all curly quotes and replace with straight quotes.

Can you figure out what I am doing wrong? I have straight quotes in there, and when I paste it into your reply window they look like straight quotes I have noticed now that when I try to review the fonts in master slide view, the Custom option briefly shows up and seems to have some entries below it, but before they can display it disappears and I am left with only the Office options. Those are not smart quotes, but they aren't straight quotes either. In fact you have 2 different slanted quotes, with a different type at the right side of 1.

Office XML is very intolerant of even slight errors. Using a real text editor like the free TextWrangler helps a lot. I'll email a repaired version to you, but here's what it should look like:. Hi John, thanks for all the clarity. It really helps. I'm still having issues trying to use 'Avenir'. I have tried both the font family name only 'Avenir'..

How To Install Theme Colors on Mac

But they are still showing 'spinning wheel' in PPT. I've tried both in and versions. I have checked and see that Avenir is a 'postscript type 1 outline font'. So I assume, based on your information, this will not work. Could you tell me how to make this font work. Do I need to buy a different format, if it's available. Or is there another way around this issue. My client would like to use it.

Delete a custom theme - Office Support

Here is my coding:. Yes, by default TextEdit does some automatic formatting that can cause problems. Thanks for the tip about Sublime Text! Here's the free download page. I'm hoping you can help me. I've created my files with both methods and placed them in the correct folder structure, when I restart Powerpoint the font theme isn't showing up in the master slide. Am I able to email you my files to see if you can see where the issue might be?

Yes, you can email the files and I'll take a look. Please send them to production at brandwares dot com. I'm running into issue with Avenir.

Replaced "". Not seeing anything loading in PowerPoint. Here's what I have:. Thank you so much for this!! I really wish they would just include the same features in the Mac version as the Windows version! So, e. Works a treat in V. After some testing, I haven't found this to be a reliable technique with all fonts. Word substitutes Times New Roman when you try. I'll do more testing to find out how you got your result, but for now I think you got lucky with that particular font. Thank you so much for this. I turned those off, copypasted again from this website not from my previous version of the document and added my fonts.

It worked immediately! Thanks for the tips! OMG, this is great! I have so many clients who want to use their brand typeface in PPT decks. I turned those off, copied and pasted code from this website and added my fonts. I saved as UTF-8 with xml extension. Thank you so much for this! Just curious. I may have to do this for other clients, and I want to be sure this is the way to set my system up. I would avoid Type 1 PostScript, Microsoft is phasing out support for it. Select the font in the middle pane, then look to the right for the font description. I've spent over 3 days at work searching the web for a solution Do you happen to have one of these magic tricks for converting a widescreen to standard screen without the program automatically stretching and distorting all the images?

Which Microsoft Office program are you using?

We can create a SuperTheme that contains both widescreen and standard formats. For images placed using placeholders, the placeholders should be the same size on both formats, to avoid distortion. If images are placed freehand, they would still get distorted when changing aspect ratios. Here's my article on the subject: SuperThemes from Brandwares. Thank you SO much. This simple XML code has enabled me to build useful templates for clients that include their corporate fonts. Bonjour, Is it possible to add color to this code and specific size for :majorFont et minor Font? Sorry, the font theme only sets the font.

To set other attributes, you would specify the font color and size in a style for Word or Excel or a text level for PowerPoint , then distribute the file as a template. Because is driving me crazy and I can't get it to work. If you're trying to create a font theme with TextEdit, double-check the quotes. Only straight quotes will work. Your Office version is mostly irrelevant, since the Office file formats are used in common by all versions. Office doesn't give you any debugging information, so you have to make changes carefully.

Most people try to make too many changes between tests, then they can't find the error. When I'm trying something new, I'll make one change at a time, rezip the files, then test. That way, if the file stops opening, I know exactly what the step was that caused the problem. You can send your font theme to me at my contact email and I'll tell you what the issue is. Is there a way to add three fonts to a theme?

We have a regular sans, a condensed version of that sans, and then a serif font, and I'd love to include all three as options I'm an in house designer creating themes and templates that will be used by the rest of our organization. And thanks for this article! Sorry, it's limited to just 2 fonts. You can still use the third font in Word styles and PowerPoint text levels, it just won't update automatically if you switch the theme later. I'm glad you find the information useful, thanks! Just wanted to say thank you very much for this - you've solved a big problem for me where previews of a branded Powerpoint file were defaulting to Times, instead of the embedded font.

Once I created the font theme, and used that in the template, it was fixed! Your time in writing this up is really appreciated!

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Let's start with a dead-simple font theme. The most common issues that I've seen are: Smart quotes around the font names instead of straight quotes. Over-qualifying the font name. As an example, Arial will work, but Arial Bold will not. Use the base font name as it appears in the PowerPoint font menu. Thanks again. Is there a way to make the custom font the "bold" version of the font? Thanks so much for the fast reply. That didn't work though.

Here's the xml:. Where should i store the local custom font file that the theme needs to actually use?