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He truly understood what seeing stars meant after that experience! Boon Leong fell ill along the way and ended up homed around Kuala Lumpur for a period of time. He had his hands full during the insurgency, as the communist were targeting plantations all over. He was always armed for his safety and had worked alongside the government to help counter the insurgency. Emergency Period — Soon Boon Leong foreground planters rig strapped with a revolver British High Commissioner visit to set up defence against communist infiltration to the village.

Boon Sooi managed to make it all the way home to Bandar Baharu, where his family was then located. Bandar Baharu is a town located along the Kedah-Penang—Perak borders. Soon Boon Chin born 13th March , his youngest sister who still commands some good memories despite being 90 years old, described her brother on that day, "He was so dirty, his uniform all in tatters, and he had aged beyond the years!

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We burnt his uniform for fear of him being recaptured by the still lurking Japanese soldiers". He assumed the role of the Medical Doctor for the entire Estate British owned Empevan throughout his service, qualified doctors were very scarce and they only make periodical visits to review once a week if not fortnightly.

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Surely, it is another story when a Chinese lady was employed with the Police Force. In the days of old when computers and storage chips were not yet invented, stenographers were just equivalent to uniform or signals and radio operators, they were custodians and were all sworn to secrecy and extreme loyalty - they record minutes, typed correspondences, filed records and took notes of everything operational and sundry.

The next entry dates from July He is shown as formally discharged on 10th July Both Boon Leong and Boon Sooi had passed on in , six months apart from each other. He was promoted Lieutenant Lt on 1st January Incidentally, Tet Loy had many firsts in his career. He was the first Naval Engineer Officer.

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But, the most prestigious and notable appointment for him was when he was appointed, starting initially as the Deputy before becoming the very first Inspector General of the RMN Naval Inspectorate General Organisation, a totally new set up in His appointments throughout his naval career were as follows:. He was an avid sportsman throughout his career in the service. In athletics, he participated in pole-vault while in the games category he played badminton and golf representing the Navy.

A story goes amongst the older Navy folks was that left handed Tet Loy, then Engineer officer of KD HANG TUAH, had commenced a heaving line transfer at the forecastle by using a wedge golf club to pitch the heaving line across to the jetty — and successfully collected at the receiving end. He was then gainfully employed as a Security Executive in the Genting Highlands, Pahang in a second career for another 19 years. He ceased working at the age of 60 years.

He eventually retired as Captain from the SIA in He was a certified golf coach since ; and is today the Director of Golf Instruction RinavAGolf, training young aspiring golfers in Malaysia. Soon Tat Kong. He had represented HMS Fisgard in indoor hockey and badminton. On his return from the United Kingdom in , he was assigned to various naval shore establishments and ships. He served the RMN for a total of 21 years before retiring. Tat Kong lamented that recognition and rewards in the Royal Navy were better organised and managed; he had not received any awards in his 21 years of service in the RMN.

He had participated actively and representatively in hockey for the Malaysian Armed Forces State Level hockey and squash for the Navy. He noted that he had also been sailing competitive Optimist and sailboats and sailboards for the Navy for over 10 Years. On retirement in , he was employed in several manufacturing organizations serving in various capacities ranging from a Plant Engineer, Factory Manager to General Manager. In , he was actively involved in an International Consultancy, managing productivity and quality related projects in Indonesia, Singapore, China and Malaysia.

Tat Kong has been in the Consultancy and Training Business for over 20 years and he has provided his services to over thirty six organizations, ranging from small factories to multi-nationals such As Caltex and Fuji Xerox. On his return from Australia, his services continued in the following appointments:.

Soon Tet Leong was commissioned on 15th October after 9 years service. Tet Leong chose optional retirement in at 40 years of age. While in service, Tet Leong had continued the family tradition in participating representative sports throughout his naval career. He went into a full retirement in , and now golf regularly to continue the love for sports. Soon Tet Kah was born on 22nd June He had retired after sitting as a Magistrate for the Kedah state in his last appointment.

He was continuously armed for his own safety and protection against the communists during the Emergency and after.

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On his return from Australia, he served in various ranks and capacities. His main job throughout was - to remain responsible to the Commanding Officer for the proper operation, maintenance and repair of main and auxiliary machineries onboard ships and shore establishments namely, main engines, generators, pumps, compressors, steering gear system, ship fluid systems. He was also required to provide technical support and act as an overseer for vessels under repair at dockyards.

Immediately after a short break he took up a job from as a Machining Technician in the German-Malaysia Precision Company. From he was employed as the Final Testing Supervisor with Zahnrad Fabrik Friedrichshafen Steering which involved the testing of rack and pinion steering assembly for the automotive industry. In he was employed as a Senior Technician with Tunku Abdul Rahman College as an Instructor for workshop and machine shop technology. His job on offshore oil and gas platforms involves the maintenance and repair of revolving and reciprocating equipment onboard, namely turbo machinery, pumps, compressors, diesel engines, cranes, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Soon Tet Seong. This brass band had numerous engagements marching through towns where Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth had also visited. An advisory from the British Intelligence had quickly pointed out that all foreign trainees were not to be involved in that war, Tet Seong and a number of others were subsequently flown off by helicopter at midnight to Glasgow.

In keeping the Soon sports tradition alive, Tet Seong had represented the Royal Navy in hockey and badminton and had travelled with the teams all over the United Kingdom for various levels of tournaments. He was commissioned in Tet Seong and wife Carolina at the Commissioning Ceremony Upon retirement from the RMN on 30th May , Tet Seong was employed and was directly involved in the setting up of the installation, testing and commissioning of Highway Emergency Telephone System.

Against the supposedly belief but at times observed as an easy excuse on Chinese sons not joining the military, two young 20 year old aspiring ladies, Loo Lee Fum and Toh Lian Sim Siti Linziana braved the odds to gain a place as pioneers and the first intake for Army lady cadets in , a profession and field already monopolised and acclaimed by men. All successful candidates a total of 70 Men and women from the whole Peninsular were sent to Tambun, Ipoh for their centralized training.

After months of intensive training, they were commissioned on 7th January and subsequently absorbed into the various Corps except for the combatant units in the Army. Both Loo and Toh were selected to join the Royal Intelligence Corps due to their education background and ability to speak in multiple dialects and languages. Toh Lian Sim Siti Linziana and. Loo Lee Fum. She had also served as Foreign Liaison Officer, intelligence instructor and Staff Officer in various intelligence units in the Ministry of Defence.

As the desk officer in-charge of Communist Party of Malaysia CPM in Peninsular Malaysia, she has an in-depth knowledge on organisational structure, tactics and techniques and weaponry system of the CPM. Whilst serving as strategic officer in-charge of East Asia region, she was an adviser on subjects pertaining to politico-military deployment of both China and Taiwan. She rose to the rank of Lt Col in and retired in after 31 years of service.

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For the uninitiated, the Home Guard Federation of Malaya is a volunteer organization that plays a role in controlling security during the Emergency Period situation in the Federation of Malaya after the Second World War. During that Emergency Period, the Colonial British controlled various security forces in Malaya - police, military, Special Constabulary SC and Auxiliary Police AP nationally, but they were still hard pressed for a seamless control in the dire situations lower down within communities. Lt Gen Sir Harold Briggs, the Operations Director, proceeded to establish a Home Guard team in , a set up similar to the Home Guard United Kingdom to close that gap, however the Malaya version was responsible for protecting villages and risky areas from communist terrorist sabotages.

This Home Guard team consists of ordinary citizens subject to the Home Guard Regulations and Under this provision, those between the ages of 18 and 55 may be deployed to become members of the Home Guard. The teams were established at all levels of the state, district, county and village, and their members were trained in custody, handling weapons, tactics and more. With this establishment, the police and military forces could then focus on launching their main trusts against the abolition communist operations federally, while the responsibility of controlling the villages, estates and mines were relegated and handed over to the Home Guard to help out in tandem.

The goals of the Home Guard were as follows:. Generally, since its establishment in until , it is believed that the Home Guard team had killed communist terrorists and injured another Also communist terrorists had surrendered to them. The Home Guard team was officially disbanded on 1 July He had completed his tour of duties at the Lumut Pump House. Yew Fook, after leaving the services is employed as a Security Executive till this day.

Marine Engineer Kenneth Soon. Kenneth Soon was born on 28th Feb He is a 7th Generation Soon. His entry into the RMC was on 14th Dec He worked the first six years of his career exclusively in chemical tankers.